CAC Inquiry

CAC Inquiry

Verifies the CT Certificate Authentication Code (CAC)

This request will cost: AUD $0.00 per search

Please enter the required values to perform the search

Please enter a Title Reference and the rest of the details as they appear on the title

This information is provided to assist in the detection of counterfeit certificates of title. It is not intended for use in verification of identity.

Warning to Customers: The Certificate Authentication Code (CAC) has been developed to improve the security of certificates of title. The CAC should be treated as confidential and should not be disclosed to any unauthorised person. If you are contacted by anyone purporting to be Direct Info or Land and Property Information staff requesting your CAC, BE SUSPICIOUS.

While LPI provides a service for validation of your CAC, LPI will not proactively seek or require that the CAC Inquiry service be used.

If you receive a suspicious telephone call or email in this regard do not respond. If you are uncertain or have provided any details regarding
your CAC number, contact Direct Info.

Land and Property Information OR Direct Info will never contact you and ask for your CAC number.

Please ensure that you don’t enter the letters DP or two consecutive // in the Title Reference field when searching. Simply remove the letters DP
from your title and use a single /.