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Committed to providing the highest standard of online services and products to the NSW Land and Property information sector

  1. Introduction
  2. Online Shop
  3. Account Clients
  4. Technical and System fundamentals
  5. FAQ

1. Introduction

Direct Info has recently been included as part of the network of approved LPI NSW Licensed Information Brokers. As an LPI NSW Information Broker we provide "remote" and "value added" information services for the NSW Land and Property community by utilising electronic data made available by LPI NSW.

At Direct Info there is a skilled team at hand employing up-to-the-minute IT resources and valuable business insight – both underpinned by an exceptional reputation for customer service.

We are enthusiastic to be partnering with both the private and commercial NSW land and property community, and are determined to deliver on our core values of quality, constant innovation and exceeding customer expectations.

We have made accessing all your land and property information straightforward.

  • The Online Shop is designed for low volume users and individuals who choose to do their own conveyancing. The shop features an extensive range of products and services.
  • The Account Services additional features are designed for commercial land and property professionals whose businesses demand efficiencies in their processes. Direct Info has implemented an advanced Account Client model offering strong analysis and reporting capabilities.

Click here to view Direct Info full list of services

2. Online Shop

You may simply be interested in a particular milieu, district or region for any number of reasons – considering moving or investing or subject to life changes that bring about the need to sell your property or that of a family member.

The Online Shop gives the potential purchaser/vendor access to a comprehensive range of NSW Land and Property information products. Several search options and inquiries are available including Street Address Inquiry, Certificate of Title Inquiry, Current Title Search (Land Title & Water Access Licence WAL Searches), Historical Title Search, Property location maps, Land Values, Deeds and Images.

Fees are shown for each individual product as well as a complete list of products available to print.

Click here to view Direct Info Online Shop list of services and fees.

Online Shop Navigation

  • Users can access the Online Shop from the main menu or the products page .
  • All available products are listed under different categories.
  • Click on the relevant search category to access a description of the product, price, sample documents and associated products.
  • A tax invoice will be generated and sent with purchased documents.

Check Out

  • To complete your search, you will need to finalise payment before documents can be viewed.
  • By purchasing search information, you will be provided login details so that you can return in the future and view existing searches.
  • Your payment information will be authorised by the system and a confirmation message will be displayed.

Delivery of your Documents

  • All documents are delivered in PDF format.
  • The documents must be saved on the purchasers system externally from the Doc Manager as access is only available for 7 days for collected items and 30 days for uncollected documents, after which you will be required to re-purchase them.

Help Desk

Assistance using the Direct Info Online Shop is available via the NSW Help Desk Monday to Friday 08.30am to 5.30pm AEST.

Direct Info Contact Help Desk: 1300 734 377
Direct Info Contact Fax: 1300 732 388
Direct Info Contact Email:

* If your enquiry is emailed after business hours one of our staff will contact you the next business day.

3. Account Clients

This service is available to meet the needs of high volume users such as – Solicitors, Conveyancers, Surveyors, Property Developers, Architects and all businesses whose activities are involved in land and property information.

To set up an account, you will first need to be a registered user, where you can upgrade your account


  • To get started – complete the online registration form available on Account Services page
  • From there, you can upgrade your account
  • Once this is received, a Direct Info representative will contact the registrant within 24 hours to assist in completing the account setup process and to answer any questions.
  • Once the account is established the registrant is introduced to the Direct Info online services as an Account Client.
  • Full support is always available to deliver continuously exemplary service.

The services and fees for Account Clients are set out in the price list provided to the Client prior to commencement of the agreement between Direct Info and the Account Client.

Entering the secure Account Clients online services area

A username and password will be provided for secure login. If either is forgotten please click 'Need help logging in?' from the login area of website. Follow the prompts and we will email a link to reset the password.

Customer Support

Support for the Direct Info system and services is available to all users via the NSW Help Desk Monday to Friday 08.30am to 5.30pm AEST.

Direct Info Contact Help Desk: 1300 734 377
Direct Info Contact Fax: 1300 732 388
Direct Info Contact Email:

* If your enquiry is sent after business hours one of our staff will contact you the next business day.

4. Technical information and system requirements

Users are advised to use a broadband connection.

Direct Info online services are supported by the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (IE7 or above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (10.0.1)
  • Google Chrome (17.0.963.46)

Need more help with technical details?

The NSW Help Desk is available Monday to Friday 08.30 am to 5.30 pm AEST

Direct Info Contact Help Desk: 1300 734 377
Direct Info Contact Fax: 1300 732 388
Direct Info Contact Email:

5. FAQ

Do I need to create an account to search?
Yes, you will need to create an account in order to start searching, it’s just a few quick questions. You can create your account under the heading “get started”. You will receive a prompt requesting you to create an account before you start your search.
What is a client reference?
Your client reference is for your reference only. You can add whatever is relevant to the search you are performing.
What are my payment options?
Direct Info payment options are, credit card (MasterCard or Visa) and a direct deposit option. If you pay by direct deposit you will need to a dvise a Direct Info representative. We will confirm receipt of your payment and complete the search on your behalf, emailing the search to you.
How quick do I receive my search?
Where can I find DP plan?
You can locate DP plan in document request, under NSW online products. The other searches that are located in Document Request are:
  • DP 88B
  • DP management statement
  • DP pipeline form
  • SP plan
  • SP 88B
  • SP contract
  • SP management station
  • SP developer by laws
  • Dealing
  • ADIS book & AMP
  • Cancelled title (Torrens title)
  • Crown plan
  • Primary app
  • Permanent mark
  • State survey
  • Trig station
  • Misc. mark
Why do I have 2 options to select for my DP plan?
When doing your DP plan search, once the order has processed you may have 2 options to select from – you need to ensure that if you are searching a DP plan you are selecting subtype “P” for plan, now if you are searching for a DP 88B you will need to select subtype “B”.
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