Property Services and Products

Property Services and Products

Provides the current information for the supplied title reference, which comprises the following: a) Edition number b) Local Government Area c) Parish and county d) Primary and sub level notifications e) Any unregistered dealings

The Historical Search is the search you do to start your property research. Provides the first title, prior title and dealings recorded against the title reference since its creation for a supplied title reference.

Provides details of any auto titles that are currently owned or leased by an individual or corporation and details that match the supplied name(s) for the following: Current and previous owners of manual titles (Australian Registry Investments through NSW Land Registry Services integrated titling system is unable to determine whether the name requested is a current or previous owner of a manual title), Previous owners of automated titles, Lessee names for leases and expired leases for both automated and manual titles), Lessee names shown in the current/owner name section will be indicated by an “*” and will be for leases and transfer of lease registered since January 1998. Details will not be returned for Old System titles and also for names that have been suppressed by Australian Registry Investments through NSW Land Registry Services for security reasons.

Provides the request ID for a requested document image, this can be used as required to match images.

Provides a list of pairs of lot number and status within the supplied deposited or strata plan.

Provides a list of prior references for a supplied title reference that can be either current, fully cancelled or part cancelled. Prior references for manual titles will not be provided.

Provides the current edition number, the last delivery particulars of a Certificate of Title and any dealings affecting the title.

Provides a list of suburbs in alphabetical order that matches partially the supplied suburb.

Given an input title reference returns street address details in addition to a fully formatted street address.

Verifies the CT Certificate Authentication Code (CAC)

Provides details relating to Dealings, Deposited Plans, Strata Plans, Pas, CAs and IVAs.

Shows the details held for a Deposited Plan or Strata Plan.

Provides a schedule of Sub Folios associated with a title reference.