Owner Lessee Inquiry

Owner Lessee Inquiry

Provides details of any auto titles that are currently owned or leased by an individual or corporation and details that match the supplied name(s) for the following: Current and previous owners of manual titles (Australian Registry Investments through NSW Land Registry Services integrated titling system is unable to determine whether the name requested is a current or previous owner of a manual title), Previous owners of automated titles, Lessee names for leases and expired leases for both automated and manual titles), Lessee names shown in the current/owner name section will be indicated by an “*” and will be for leases and transfer of lease registered since January 1998. Details will not be returned for Old System titles and also for names that have been suppressed by Australian Registry Investments through NSW Land Registry Services for security reasons.

This request will cost: AUD $19.70 per search

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This information is provided as a searching aid only. The Registrar General does not guarantee
that the information provided discloses details of all land/premises owned/leased by the party
searched against. The information returned relates to owners/lessees registered from 1971 onwards
except in relation to current lease information which is returned from 1998 onwards. Manual indexes
are available for records registered prior to 1971. Note: * indicates Lessee name.