Title Search

Title Search

Please Note: NSW LRS Online and API Services with be offline between 10:00AM and 10:00PM on Sunday 23 February 2020.
Provides the current information for the supplied title reference, which comprises the following: a) Edition number b) Local Government Area c) Parish and county d) Primary and sub level notifications e) Any unregistered dealings

This request will cost: AUD $17.90 per search

Please enter the required values to perform the search

Use our free Street Address Inquiry to find your Title Reference
Enter Title Reference in the format 'lot/plan'. e.g. 1/123456 or 1/SP123456 for strata plans.

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The Client Reference is to help you identify your search. It can be your name, street or email address. (Not a mandatory field)

Please ensure that you don’t enter the letters DP or two consecutive // in the Title Reference field when searching.
Simply remove the letters DP from your title and use a single /